Why are We So Afraid?

I had an interesting conversation this week with a friend about making mistakes.  We were both frustrated because of recent interactions we’d had with people who had screwed up, and instead of taking responsibility, tried to defend themselves and maintain that they were correct in their actions.  Everyone involved knew otherwise, and these people ended up looking really foolish.

Makes you wonder – why do people do this?  It’s obvious that the reason for the defensiveness is that they don’t want to lose face.  How ironic that their actions actually make them lose more respect than if they had just owned up to making an error in the first place.

But I know when it’s me whose in the wrong, I feel that urge too.  It’s hard when you want to be a good person, and you care about being competent and you do your very best – and then things don’t come out as you planned.

As luck would have it, I then stumbled across this quote:

im not who i was before

It reminded me that every experience we have shapes us.  When things don’t go as we planned, it’s a opportunity for growth, and we can become a better person than we were before.

So, the next time you feel defensive, or ashamed of something you’ve done, remember that you don’t need to make excuses or try to justify your actions.  Embrace the fact that the experience gave you the opportunity to become the new and improved you that you are today!



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