Not Always The Merriest Time of Year

The excitement is building!  The decorating is done, the presents are wrapped, there is a Christmas drink with friends or get together with colleagues from work happening almost every night.  Soon, family will be arriving, and all the good food will be stuffing our bellies.

In the midst of all this holiday busyness on my mind, a student walked into my office with tears in her eyes.  She is having trouble facing this next week.  She’s away from home, and can’t afford to travel to see her family.  She doesn’t have any close friends in the city.  The idea of spending Christmas alone is almost more than she can face.  On the surface, it’s going to look like any other boring day of the year – waking up alone, making a meal out of whatever she’s managed to stock her shelves with on her meager income, filling the day with everyday chores and distractions.  Deeper down is the knowledge that everyone else is seemingly having the best time of their lives, and she has somehow been left out of this celebration in which the rest of the world gets to partake.

It hurts.

For those whose needs are not met this season, let’s not forget that little things can make a big difference.  At this time of year when so many of us have so much, there are a million different ways to help people feel cared for, important, that they can have little fun and escape from the ordinary.  What are you going to do to make a difference to someone who really needs it this year?



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