Consider the “Why”

christmas cards

So here I sit before a mountain of Christmas cards.  They have been sitting on my table for days, and I’ve exhausted every excuse I can to avoid getting down and addressing them.  There was no point in doing them unless I had at least a couple of hours… I will just put in a load of laundry first… the kitchen is a disaster, that needs to take priority… I really haven’t spent enough quality time with the kids…Why is it so darn hard to get this done?  And if it’s that big a chore, there are lots of people who don’t send out Christmas cards.  Why do I even bother?

It’s funny how things on our “to do” list can torture us, yet, at the suggestion of not doing them, we realize their importance.  I can’t NOT do Christmas cards!!  It’s the one time of the year that we connect with all our family and friends.  There are people that we don’t get the opportunity to see very often, and this is the one way that we can ensure we don’t slip out of each other’s lives.  I see our family’s Christmas card picture hung on people’s fridges when we visit them all throughout the year.  People tell me how much they love getting our Christmas letter, and hearing about all that our family has been up to.  Giving up Christmas cards would definitely hurt my sense of belonging.

And now that I’m thinking about all those things, I feel like I need to stop avoiding them by writing on my blog, and get to it!

But I believe there is a lesson in here….  So often in the bustle and hurry of life, things become chores on a list of things we feel obligated to do.  Instead of focusing on WHAT you have to do, if you bump up your thinking to consider WHY you are doing these things, it can completely change your motivation.  Instead of feeling like a slave trapped in the kitchen this Christmas, maybe you would feel satisfaction in bringing the whole family together to share a wonderful memory.  Maybe the stress of all the packing and driving from one house to another would be transformed into feeling thankful that you have so many people in your life who love you.

Are there things you feel bitterness about that might change if you considered the “why”?

And now, I’ve got Christmas cards to address…


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