Choosing Happiness

What an amazing young woman!  18 years old, and away for home for the first time.  Living in a university dorm, and making her way through all that is new and unfamiliar.  Away from family, away from friends, unsure of what the future holds.

I remember being this girl.  And it wasn’t that pretty.  I was miserably home-sick.  I locked myself in my dorm room and hid from the world.  Thank god for the resident assistant who noticed and dragged me out to meet people and get involved.  I would probably still be there if it hadn’t been for him.

But this young lady explained to me how happiness is a choice.  That even though things are tough, you can do things that make challenges like this better or worse.  Even though it is understandable to have the desire to retreat into loneliness and sadness, that you have to think about how your behaviour is going to affect what happens next in your life.   Even though you cannot control when hard times hit, that you are totally in control of what you do after they hit.

So, she forces herself to overcome her shyness and get out and meet people.  She takes risks and gets involved in activities that may not be her favorite, but allow her to be active and involved.

Yup.  She’s figured out at the tender age of 18 what it’s taken me years of courses and study and life experience to learn!

the only thing you control

Are you making decisions right now that are going to get you to where you want to be?


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