There’s Something About Nature…

biking pic

My favorite way to start the day is with a bike ride.  As I took my usual ride this morning, I started thinking in Restitution terms about what it is that makes this so enjoyable for me.

When people ask why I get up so early to bike, I usually reply that I need the exercise.  So do I do it to meet my needs for survival?

Not a chance.  Cause I certainly don’t feel the same way about getting on my elliptical, or doing aerobics.

If I think more about it, perhaps it’s about power.  I do get satisfaction from knowing that my body is strong, and seeing the effects that exercise has on my muscle tone.

But again – weight lifting would do that too, and I would never do that.

Then I looked up.  I had to stop and take the above picture.  It was so beautiful!!  At that hour of the morning, it was so still and quiet – I felt completely at peace.

I realized – it’s mostly about freedom.

When I’m out on my bike, I’m reminded of what a small part I am of a big universe.  It helps me put the worries of the day into perspective.

I’ve long known from working with kids that getting someone outdoors can help change intense emotion.  But I’ve never really thought about the fact that perhaps we could all help meet our need for freedom by spending a bit more time out connecting with nature.

Have you taken a moment to enjoy the world today?



2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Nature…

  1. Kathleen Nichol says:

    What a good answer!
    I feel the same way about working in the garden on a beautiful morning, or walking to work. I love the peace … just me and the birds.
    I think that feeling of accomplishment … of whatever task … and the peace are so healing/rejuvenating. And it allows time for one’s mind to wander where ever. Love that time.


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