Want to Learn More?

As all my teacher friends wrap things up and head to the beach this week, I know it’s difficult to even think about planning for next year….  so I apologize for this!

However, I know that by the end of every summer, my brain starts kicking into gear and thinking about all that I want to accomplish with my students in the upcoming year, and setting personal goals for myself with regards to improving my own practice.  One of the things that has been incredibly important in helping me with this is spending some time in reflection and discussion with like-minded people.  Restitution Summer Institute has been the place that has got me back in the game, motivated and excited to try new things.

There’s really something for everyone.  If you are brand-new to Restitution, there is an introductory course.  If you know the basics already, there are courses to help you apply Restitution principles to different situations – from implementing Restitution as a staff, to learning hands-on lesson plans for use in the classroom, to understanding the change process for Administrators.  If you really want to deepen your understanding, there’s Control Theory courses, which help you to move from “doing” Restitution to truly living it.  And if you are not in the education profession, but are a parent, foster parent, or social worker, there’s a Restitution for Parents course that applies all the principles to the home.

So, before you go enjoy your well-deserved holiday, consider joining us in August to share, learn, and have some fun together.  I’d love to see you there!

If you’d like more information on the sessions being offered, or would like to register, click on the links below:

Restitution for Parents Registration

Restitution & Control Theory Registration


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