Cultivating Belonging

This past week, I lucked out and had a wonderful opportunity to hear a very inspirational speaker.  Blake “Fly” Fleischacker began by asking the crowd how many people know someone in their workplace who feels unappreciated.  Every hand rose.  He pointed out that we think that we don’t have time to show our appreciation for people because we have important work to do.  After all, for many of us, if we don’t take care of business the consequences can be severe.  People can get hurt.

But aren’t those people who feel unappreciated getting hurt too?  How long would it really take to address this?

And this goes beyond the workplace.  Can you think of someone in your personal life that would benefit from hearing that they are important to you?

Blake handed out thank you cards, and gave us about 3 minutes to write a thank you note to the first person that we thought of.  He then reminded us that we all carry phones that allow us to text a “thank you” in mere seconds.  So we did that too.  Post a “thank you” on social media, and not only does a person get acknowledgement from you, but the world gets a chance to “like” it or comment as well – multiplying the sense of connection you have given to someone.  You can use #thankulive to join this movement!  And did you know that those phones can also actually be used to make phone calls to people as well?!  He had someone come up on stage and make a “thank you” call to someone, putting their phone on speaker and holding it next to the mic so we could all hear.  It was incredibly powerful.

By the end of the session, everyone’s phones were buzzing with messages back from those that we had texted earlier in the session.  Many people’s days were made because a group of us took about 15 seconds to connect with another person.

Why don’t you do the same right this very minute?


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