Inspiration vs. Coercion

see the light

How motivated are you when you are asked to do something that you see no point to doing?

I hear people say all the time that they wish people would just do what they are told, and not question everything.  It takes too long to explain; we just want people to comply.  But the reality is that when we feel something is worthwhile and important, we are motivated to do it.  The time it takes to help people understand and “see the light” actually saves time in the long run.

When we try to control people, we have to spend a lot of time and energy to have them “feel the heat”.  We need to supervise.  We need to provide rewards and consequences to ensure compliance.

And on top of all that, coercion can destroy relationships.  We tend to push back and say “You can’t make me!”  Even when we know that what we are being asked to do might be reasonable, no one likes being pushed around and threatened.

How much energy do you put into inspiring people vs. ensuring compliance?


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