Fast vs. Effective



I came across this quote, and it struck me how true this can be.  Although we all share the same basic needs, we do not achieve our needs in the same way, or necessarily need each in the same amount.  For my son, playing hockey meets his need for fun.  For me, I’d much rather be curling.  My daughter has always been very independent; her need for freedom and being true to herself has always been more important to her than what anyone else thinks.  I’m much more of a belonging person, and the struggle to find the balance between being myself and pleasing others has been more problematic for me than it ever has for her.  We all see the world in very different ways.

This is why it can be so frustrating to work as a group.  It’s hard to get everyone on the same page and working together.  People will interpret things differently, analyze problems in diverse ways, and disagree on the action that should be taken.  I know there are many times when I’ve thought it would be so much easier to just do it myself and save all the time it can take to try to build consensus with my team.

But diversity is what makes us go far.  It might seem faster in the short term to just do it yourself, but the power and energy that a unified group has cannot be matched by the work of a single person acting alone.  Ideas that you never would have thought of will be presented.  Challenges that you would not have foreseen will be addressed.  When your energy is tapped out, someone else will be there to keep the momentum going.

Don’t be fooled!  The next time you feel like your time is being wasted by trying to get everyone on your team on board, remember – “If you want to go far, go together!”


One thought on “Fast vs. Effective

  1. Við tókum höndum saman um nýja stjórnarskrá. Þingmenn, ekki vera með undanbrögð. Klárið málið!!!


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