The Magic of Common Vision

Something magical happens when a group of people share a common vision.  The energy in the room is electric.  The motivation is high.  There is a sense of safety to be yourself and express your ideas, knowing that others respect you and support you – because you are truly a team.

I love these moments.  I had the opportunity to share in one of these recently during a training at Carman Elementary School.  I could tell right away that this was a pretty special place to work – it seemed a very dedicated and engaged team.  And the ideas and creativity that flow in such situations was evident when, after coffee break, one of the teachers told me that he had written a song during the break, which he bravely performed for the group.  A special thank you goes out to Steve Suomu, who graciously allowed me to share this with you.  It’s sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”:


It’s ok for all of us to make mistakes

It’s ok for all of us to make mistakes

If we break it then we fix it

When it hurts it is no fun

We can make it better for everyone!


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