Why Dreams Matter


I was reading something the other day that was talking about the importance of dreams. It said that one of the mistakes that people make is that they focus on the “how” to achieve your dreams too soon. They said that focusing on “how” can prevent your dreams from getting off the ground.

This perplexed me. I’ve always thought that what prevented success was the lack of breaking down the dream into concrete steps. (See last week’s post!)

But when I thought about it more, I realized that there is some value in fleshing out the dream enough first. I’ve seen many situations where we work with a child to have them agree that they should solve problems non-violently, and as soon as we get their agreement on this, we launch into the steps they need to take. Instead of seeing excitement and energy for the plan, the child slumps down and disengages from all the work that now lies before them.

How different does it feel when you really explore the dream? When you truly picture what life will be life if you achieve it? When you can imagine what it will feel like when you get there? When you consider how your life will be different? When you get some energy, excitement and motivation for the dream before you get down to the hard work of achieving it?

Think for yourself of something you know you should be doing – dieting, organizing your closets, being kinder to your spouse.  How much energy do you have for these things that you know you should do?  Does it change when you spend some time really considering why you want these things, and how life would be different for you if you actually did them?

How many dreams have been left on the table because we didn’t find the emotion to drive the engine?


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