Remember The Big Stuff

This time of year always makes me take a step-back and evaluate the big things in life. We take time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and instead of getting grumpy and annoyed with one another, we are thankful for the things that we have and the people in our lives.

It’s so easy to forget the big picture and get caught up in details.

I heard a story this week of a young girl who came home from school upset because of the comments of her teacher. They were doing an assignment about goals and dreams, and she had written in her assignment that one of her goals was to play hockey for Team Canada someday. Her teacher marked this wrong, and explained to her that the difference between goals and dreams is that goals are things that can actually happen, whereas dreams are things that aren’t realistic.

I don’t for a moment think that this teacher’s intention was to crush this student. But getting caught up in the small details of word definitions caused her to lose sight of what is really important.

This holiday season, please take the time to step back and pay attention to the things that really count! We can all be a little kinder to one another, and feel more fortunate when we remember the blessings we have.

Have a wonderful holiday!


2 thoughts on “Remember The Big Stuff

  1. Magni Hjálmarsson says:

    I was one of those teachers. In Denmark I learned that this tendency was called “lyseslukker” (he who blows off lights). I tried to let go of this kind of control. – Merry Christmas


  2. Reblogged this on careabouteducation and commented:
    Nice share actually. Thanks


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