Who is Hooking Whom?


I walked in the door after a super-productive day at work, feeling on top of the world. Unfortunately, the other members of my family had not experienced a similar type of day. The kids were arguing, my husband was frustrated, and within minutes, I heard myself barking at people, and feeling upset.

It shocked me how fast I’d allowed my good mood to be hijacked by other people.

It’s natural that we react to the things that are happening around us. When someone slams the door, of course, I’m going to jump! But after that initial reaction, I can decide whether or not I’m going to continue to simply react, or whether I want to be the engineer of my own day.

I didn’t have to bark at my kids. I didn’t have to feel upset.

In difficult situations, I want to be stronger than that. I want to be the person who hooks other people into my good mood, not the other way around.

Are you in control, or allowing others to control you?

Which choice are you making?


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