Adversity or Opportunity?


I had the great pleasure of presenting a training session last week with a good friend of mine. But wow – was it a lot of work!

A number of times as we were planning, I thought: “Man, this would be so much easier if I could just plan this myself!” There were many times that I had an idea that just didn’t make sense to her. And there were an equal number of times that she came up with something that didn’t compute for me.

It really hit home to me how easily situations like this could result in anger and hard feelings. Fortunately, both of us understand that people see the world in unique ways, and that by working with someone who sees things differently than you, the end result is something that will make sense to more people.

Her challenges to my thinking forced me to really consider the reasons for my opinions, and to figure out how to explain myself more clearly so that she could understand. She also pointed out things to me that I had never considered before. Not only do I believe we ended up with a better presentation because we worked together, but the depth of my own knowledge was expanded for it.

How many times do you find yourself upset with someone you work with because they “don’t get it!” How many times do you avoid working with someone because they aren’t on the same page with you?

How many times do you miss what could be an amazing, albeit a challenging, opportunity?


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