Where’s The Bottom Line?

I’ve been working hard to approach the difficult situations in my life with a mindset that these situations are only difficult for me because I haven’t yet mastered the skills to manage them.  There are lots of things I used to find difficult, which cause me no stress at all anymore.  Even though my current struggles cause me to lose sleep, in the long run, I will be better for having faced them.

It’s great to know how to deal with an angry person.

It’s wonderful to be able to detach, and not take someone’s attack personally.

Being able to show patience and understanding to someone whose values and beliefs are radically different than your own is truly a talent.

It seems sensible to say that I am learning to manage difficult people by being in these situations.  But it seems ludicrous to say that someone who is in an abusive relationship is being given the opportunity to do the same.  There is a point where it is not healthy to continue to put yourself in a bad situation.

But where is that bottom line where it’s no longer an opportunity to learn, but instead, a situation which you need to remove yourself from?

It comes down to knowing the person you want to be.  If you want to be a strong, confident and capable person, what would a strong, confident and capable person do when faced with this particular scenario?

Thinking about who you want to be  is more instructive than thinking about what to do.

Who is the person you want to be?




2 thoughts on “Where’s The Bottom Line?

  1. Kathleen Nichol says:

    I really appreciate your blog. You step outside the day-to-day and give a perspective. I will have to practice (maybe a lot!) this approach to difficult situations … it frames things in a positive light.


  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I stumbled upon your article in linkedIn and decided to come and see what you are currently up to. I enjoyed the article and totally agree with the idea of learning through the trials on our journey. I also believe those trials don’t have to continue or worsen for us to benefit from them. Keep up the good work 🙂


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