My Behaviour Car

Behaviour Car

Every single day, I find the ideas of Dr. William Glasser help guide me and give me greater control in my own life, and help me to help others to do the same.    I’ve found one of the most useful tools to help people understand behaviour is the “Behaviour Car”.  I created a short story to introduce the idea to my students, but have recently had parents asking me for copies too, as they realize there are truths in it that apply just as much to them as to their children!  I have created it in a powerpoint presentation so that it can be easily printed off and bound to create a book for a child, or projected and used on a smartboard with a group.  Click on the link to download your own copy!

My Behaviour Car

I’d love to hear your ideas and stories about using the Behaviour Car in your own life and work.   Please share in the comments section below!


One thought on “My Behaviour Car

  1. […] acting, what we are feeling, and what is happening physically in our body. (See my previous post “My Behaviour Car” for a great tool to teach this concept to children). Whenever we are in a difficult situation, you […]


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