What’s the Gift?


A presenter at a recent training opportunity I was able to participate in suggested that in every situation, we should consider that the opposite of what we are thinking might actually be the truth.

For example, when we say “That kid is making me crazy” – it’s actually possible that this kid is making you more sane. By challenging you, the end result might be that you learn more skills in dealing with difficult behaviour, and are a better person for it.

Some people see this in a really philosophical way: “Life presents you with the lessons that you need to learn”.

While I’m not sure that my kids screw-ups, or the difficult colleague I have work with, or grandma’s Alzheimer’s are all the result of some master plan on the part of the universe to make me a better person, I do believe that every challenge we face has a hidden gift within it.

If we never had to wait, we’d never learn patience.

If we never had to bite our tongue to keep the peace, we’d never learn self-control.

If we were never presented with a different perspective to our own, we’d never learn to appreciate our differences.

Whether dealing with the challenges in our own lives, or in helping guide children through the situations that are challenging to them, its good advice to consider that there is always a gift. It’s so easy to see only the negative, and forget the good that can come out of even the worst of situations.

What are the gifts you’ve been presented with?


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