A New Kind of Meeting


How many times have you told a child that mistakes are how we learn?  That failure is part of the road to success?  That the greatest discoveries were often made by accident or mistake?

And yet, do we apply these principles to ourselves?

This struck me recently when I was in a planning meeting for a student.  It was a terribly frustrating meeting.  Every time someone threw out an idea, someone else shot it down.  I left thinking “Why did we discard ideas because they might not work instead of give them a try because they might?”

The only answer I came up with was that we were afraid to be wrong.  Is it possible that we think it’s ok for kids to fail, but that we think we should know better?  Do we think that others might judge us as incapable or unprofessional if we get it wrong?

What would happen if we could change our meeting agendas from this process:

1.  Identify issue


2.  Create Plan


3.  Solve Problem

To this process:

1.  Identify issue


2.  Create Plan


3.  Try things that might work, but probably mostly won’t


4.  Regroup and learn from what didn’t work


5.  Create a better plan and return to step 3

How different would life be if failure was expected and accepted?  If you never had to worry about not being perfect?  What other things might you be willing to take a chance on that you are currently too afraid to try?


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